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The Farm is Closed for the Season Due to the Covid Virus.  Feel free to check back for information. If anything changes we will post it here.
Thank You and stay safe.

You can still order here online
or call for curbside pick up at 505 685 0082 

Revive $18.00

Featured Product

SPECIAL $18.00
New Formula with added properties. Now not only hydrating, it is healing.

Specifically Formulated
for Cuticles , Dry Patches, and Feet.

"Revive" For Dry Skin and an Ultra Smoothing Cuticle Creme 

Regular $21 now "Featured Special price is $18.00 

This is one of our most popular and amazing products for reversing the effects of dry skin.  Use this balm for 7 nights and completely reverse  dry  cracked cuticles and  nails. "Revive will heal your skin from the cracks and dried areas with our newly added exocitic fair trade ingredients. This balm is a must for dry areas, cracked nails, cuticles or damaged skin.  Amazing results on dry heal areas.    This jar goes a long way, use a small amount for big results.  It's heavenly.

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Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Video

Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Video

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Pruning Your Lavender
Pruning Your Lavender Plants
Visit the Zen nursery on the lavender farm for a nice selection of lavender plants for sale. 
Spring is here and the plants are waking and beginning to grow.  Don't forget that lavender is drought tolerant but still needs water to survive.
Give them plenty of water to wake from their winter slumber and help them to grow.  Then you may cut back on water when they are showing signs of good growth.

Don't forget fall is lavender-pruning time.  So remember that it is essential to the well being of your lavender to give it a nice pruning in the fall.  I always like to prune ours back in the fall as it seems to give them a head start in the spring, and makes them extra hardy through the winter.   It is essential to the well-being of your lavender to prune it back every year.