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The Farm is Closed for the Season Due to the Covid Virus.  Feel free to check back for information. If anything changes we will post it here.
Thank You and stay safe. 

 Now Available
Growing Your Lavender Garden 
Book Two

Book Launch Special
Elizabeth's Special includes
Growing Your Lavender Garden - Book Two
1 bottle of Lavender Essential oil
12 lavender bundles (Bundles can be used for sachet or culinary) 
$48.00 Value - Special for $40.00 
This offering will give you all the lavender you need to create formulas from Elizabeth's new book and make lovely sachets, culinary bases, and  bath and body starters to create your many lavender ideas.  This book will give you the foundational learning of how to plan, plant and care for your lavender garden, and will take you through all the steps start to finish. It will tell you how you decide where to plant your garden, how to care for it easily, and what you can do with your harvested lavender including recipes to stimulate your creative ideas using lavender and more. The author writes in a comprehensive and easy format to follow. You will also learn how to create your own products from your harvested lavender right in your own kitchen. Keeping your garden easy and without fuss is what this author is all about.
Please note,
Growing Your Lavender Garden - Book Two can be bought separately for $12.00
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Organically Grown
Lavender Bundles.
Great for Culinary Dishes. 


12 Bundles for $24
regular $11 each bundle now $2 each
for a limited time
This amazing special will give just what you need for lavender crafting.  It is perfect for making aromatherapeutic sachets or decorative potpourri.  These bundles are not wrapped.  If you need wrapped bundles scroll down on the products page to the wrapped bundles, priced at $11 ea.  These bundles come with an excerpt from my book "Growing Your Lavender Garden" Book Two. It will come with instructions on how to clean your lavender and a couple of receipes for crafting your potpourri. Use this lovely lavender to freshen any room.  You will love it.   

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Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Video

Purple Adobe Lavender Farm Video

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click here to play "Pruning your lavender" video

Pruning Your Lavender
Pruning Your Lavender Plants
Visit the Zen nursery on the lavender farm for a nice selection of lavender plants for sale. 
Spring is here and the plants are waking and beginning to grow.  Don't forget that lavender is drought tolerant but still needs water to survive.
Give them plenty of water to wake from their winter slumber and help them to grow.  Then you may cut back on water when they are showing signs of good growth.

Don't forget fall is lavender-pruning time.  So remember that it is essential to the well being of your lavender to give it a nice pruning in the fall.  I always like to prune ours back in the fall as it seems to give them a head start in the spring, and makes them extra hardy through the winter.   It is essential to the well-being of your lavender to prune it back every year.